We Specialise in all digital customer touchpoints. We build Customer Portals and Mobile Apps. We can also develop and run you digital Go-to-Market Campaigns:

  • Reach new customers via Digital and Social channels

  • Improve your customer experience

  • Deepen existing customer relationships

  • Stay competitive with larger organisations

  • Reduce your customer service costs

  • Improve your team’s productivity

CASE STUDY: Grid Mobile

NAME: Grid Mobile is a Singaporean mobile service provider.

OBJECTIVE:  To generate sales through an all-inclusive customer portal.

SERVICE: We designed UI/UX and developed a fully interactive frontend customer portal for both mobile and desktop.   


  1. View and Select a mobile plan

  2. Purchase and Track order

  3. Port current number or select a new one

  4. Activate the service

  5. Track Data consumption: Historical and real-time

  6. Self-Help and FAQ

  7. Social media integration for friction-less account sign-up


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